Aircraft Recovery

Aircraft Marine Recovery is a service of Global Recovery and Remarketing, LLC. We have a team of professional aircraft and helicopter pilots ready to assist you in recovering aircraft from around the world. Our staff of professional aircraft and helicopter pilots are experienced in flying all types of aircraft, from single engine to mulit-engine jets. Importantly, we own over 7,000 square feet of owned hangar space to ensure that your recovered assets are stored safely and under our protection.

Our services include recovery, transport and flyouts. In addition to these, we provide other services, including:

• Airframe and engine log book recovery or records reconstruction
• Ferry permits
• Aircraft maintenance and inspection
• Aircraft paint and interiors
• Avionic repairs
• Periodic ground run-up and system cycling
• Inside/outside storage

We would be happy to discuss any aircraft recovery issues and questions you may have. • 954-769-0123