About Us

Global Group International brings a wealth of experience to the aircraft, marine and special asset recovery and remarketing arena.The company owns over 300 linear feet of dockage in Fort Lauderdale for Iarge vessels along with over 7,000 square feet of hanger space in Orlando.  We are capable of obtaining marine and aircraft insurance for up to $5 million in one hour, and higher amounts in up to 48 hours.  We are able to provide up front capital (in excess of $100,000) to your financial institution during the remarketinq process {amount owed is deducted from proceeds of sale}.

Global’s CEO/Owner-Operator, Joe Dinardo, has over 37 years of experience in all aspects and every day operations of Recovery and ReMarketing businesses with contacts worldwide (see personal bio, licenses and achievements).  He has recovered vessels from all over the world and has remarketed vessels and aircraft of all makes and models.  He holds a Florida State Recovery License in excess of 25 years; Agency License; Private Investigator’s License in excess of 25 years and a Yacht Broker’s License for an excess of 20 years with yacht sales experience in excess of 30 years.  He also holds a Pilot’s License, 100 Ton Captain’s License, Merchant Marine and has been a Coast Guard licensed Captain for over 25 years with over 25,000 ocean miles logged.  He has Recovered and Remarketed over 6,000 vessels and aircraft, not including other special asset recoveries.  He is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam Combat Veteran with combat missions logged over Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam.

Our Chief Pilot is rated as a Flight Instructor Single Engine, Multi-Engine and Instrument, and a Ground Instructor.  He has been a First Officer flying Boeing 747-400s and most corporate jets with a total of over 11,500 total flying hours, 11,000 as Pilot in Command.  He has advanced education in aviation technology.

Another Board member has Seven years in the lending Industry, and thirty years in the asset and collateral recovery industry. He has been involved in over 20,000 recovery assignments. In 1989, he was appointed to the first of three four-year terms on the Florida Department of State Private Investigation, Recovery and Security Advisory Council. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Matrix Educational Systems, Inc., author of "Bridging the Gap," a fact based book about the Asset and Collateral Recovery process, and co-author of the Field Recovery Specialist (F.R.S.) Operations Manual. He has developed and presented speciality seminars to lending institutions covering aspects and regulations of the self-help repossession process, including federal and state laws affecting this process and criteria for hiring collateral recovery specialists and skip tracers.

Rounding out our board of directors is our in-house counsel who has been practicing Admiralty and Aviation Law for over twenty years. Having received degrees from Tulane University, University of Florida and The University of Miami school of Law, he is considered to be the foremost expert on vessel and aviation search and recovery. He is one of the few attorneys in the world with a specialized law degree in Admiralty and Aviation Law having received an LLM in Ocean and Coastal Law from the University of Miami School of Law.

Our in-house counsel has a strong background in the banking and securitizing industry. He has worked in the banking and boating industry since his teenage years. He has served as In-house counsel in the 1980’s for the largest Marine and aviation lending company in the United states. He has been involved in over 3000 vessel and aircraft search, recovery and repossessions since his career. He has been extensively involved in foreign high risk repossession and piracy issues throughout his career in the early 1980’s. In the 1990’s he had the distinction with the United States marshals of arresting/seizing more vessels and aircraft than any other attorney in the United States. His expertise is well proven by his long history of successful high risk domestic and International repossessions.

He has provided legal advice to The United states Coast Guard, DEA, FBI, US Department of Justice, US Department of Maritime and Aviation and numerous other Governmental Entities.

joe@aircraftmarinerecovery.com • 954-769-0123